8x10 Hardcover Books

4x8 Accordion Panel Books

Accordion Panel Books

Accordion Panel books contain your images in seven customizable panels. Accordion Panel books are custom designed, and easy to take with you to work or at family or friends gathering. 

Accordion Panel Book Details:

4x8 size, with many images spanning 7 panels.

Price:  $139  containing 7 panels

Unleashed Dog

A series of images in a hardcover book

Unleashed Dog books are made with magazine style press papers and perfect bound at the spine. Wrapped with one of our many colorful cover images, and you have a custom-made keepsake coffee table book. 

Hard Cover Book Details:

Available sizes are 8x10 or 10x8, with between 20 and 40 pages.


$189 containing up to 20 pages

$239 up to 40 pages.


A Day in the Life   $289 with up to 40 pages.

This unique book is a series of custom images that are designed to narrate a typical day with your companion(s). It can remind you of the times you share from early morning walks, play time, bonding time, and quiet time late at night.

Many of the images are spontaneous and some are staged. Your finished book is one to be enjoyed and shared for years to come.

Affordable Hardcover and Accordion Panel Books

The story of a dog's purpose .  .  . yours.

We believe in the end, these connections becomes their story.