With a background in art and graphic design, Kirk became a Certified Professional Photographer in 1982 and over the next twenty-plus years his photography has received national awards from the Professional Photographers of America that included selection into their permanent Loan Collection of superior photography.

When you view his Haute Dog Images you will appreciate his commitment to the creation of images that capture the beauty, personality, loyalty, and unique bond between our dogs and their humans.


Where will you photograph my pooch?
My clients find their dogs are less distracted and show their natural personalities when we do the shoot in or around their home turf including a nearby park.

How long will the photo shoot last?
As you may expect, my best work is planned. The sessions are between 30 - 60 minutes and include planning, custom order, and photography.

What happens during the photoshoot?
Before I even bring out my camera, I sit with your pooch and get acquainted. This lets me see the personality and uniqueness of your dog. The rest of the shoot is a lot like a play session. And you're HIGHLY encouraged to join in on the fun.

What makes your photos different and why do people choose you?
I bring decades of expertise as a Certified Professional Photographer and an award-winning pro photographer. What this means is that you're getting high-quality photography combined with creativity that is based on my art background, all at very client friendly prices.

I create modern, editorial-style images that are the antithesis of what you might expect when you hear the words "dog photography" - images that are real, emotional, and sophisticated. They speak for your pooch. He or she can't use your words.

How much do people spend?

You can spend as much or as little as you'd like depending on your needs. People spend from $159 to over $2000. I realize this is quite a range, however, if your budget is somewhere in between, I guarantee you'll be pleased. My concern at this point is that we create great images, and the rest takes care of itself.

My pooch is shy/wild/etc. Will you still be able to photograph them?
I hear this a lot, however, have managed to create what people say are remarkable photos. It just takes a little patience and a few treats. Most clients are amazed at how well their dogs cooperate with me and enjoy their special time in from of my camera.